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Landing Page
Landing Page
Miner Management Dashboard

Cryptocurrency Mining Device Hosting Panel

Customer Relatoinship Management (CRM)

United States

Registration / Sign up along with Login module for an easy management for all customers to book and purchase mining equipment, keep track of payments and dues. Admin module with dashboard to display overall SLUSHPOOL status of all the mining details. Calculation of rewards based on every min and hourly status and hence score hash rate. Display of all workers with state and score. All Miners display and calculate for the models purchased and daily rate verification with status of paid and due payment. Payment gateway integration with paypal and debit and credit cards.

Quickbook integration with automatic invoice generation and value updation. Multiple devices and price calculation management. Accounting and payment display on monthly and yearly basis.

Modules & Features

  • Admin Management Panel
  • User Control Panel
  • User Dashboard
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Server Setup
  • Slushpool Integration
  • Invoicing System & Accounting
  • Quickbook Integration
  • Customer Agreement
  • Email Integration

Technology Used

  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Codeigniter
  • PHP
  • API
  • Quickbooks

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