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Registration Form - Membership Selection
Step-2, Registration Form
Payment Gateway
Payment Information & Card Acceptance
Membership Management - QR Code Generation
Cancellation & Charges
Membership Type

Membership Management Web Application

Easily manage members and Online Membership

United Kingdom

Provide custom online application forms and several membership types to easily bring prospective members in the door. Information is automatically synchronized across the platform from the very start of the application process. Drive revenue with membership renewal workflows designed to maximize productivity and retention.Effortlessly find outstanding payments. Send renewal reminders through automated emails, as well as, push notifications. After Successful registration a QR code generation for future scan and track in front desk. Stripe Payament gateway integration allow members to automatically renew memberships and pay for other things using their card.

Pro rata payment calculate during cancellation and charge automatically to members card for last 30 days balance payment. Admin panel creation with members management and modify, approve memebrship on realtime basis.

Modules & Features

  • Admin Management Panel
  • Membership Management
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Payment Dashboard
  • QR Code Generation
  • User Registration Panel
  • Subscription Setup
  • Stripe Integration
  • Agreement Management
  • Email Integration

Technology Used

  • Landing Page
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Stripe

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