End to end workflow based platform to manage and monitor Urban, Infrastructure projects easily

Our Solutions

  • Works Estimation System
  • Physical Progress & Financial Progress
  • Document Management System
  • Financial Accounting & Cost Management System
  • Generate reports & returns
  • BOQ automation, Measurement System, Quality Management System & Online Structure Progress monitoring
  • Managing budget estimates
  • Manage Social screening and impact assessment
  • Monitoring expenditure
  • Maintain financial records
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) & Decision Support System
  • Monitoring of Environmental Impact preventing to-Land, Surface/Ground Water, Air & Noise

Progress Monitoring

An easy way to create step by step integrated project activities and delivery schedule planner, which helps you to monitor progress and track due activities.

Project Planning

Monitor and compare timeframe wise progress of various BOQ item and activities. Mobile based GEO enabled integrated user monitoring app to facilitate project progress with image and video progress.

Managed Control

Advanced administrative control and customisable various role based access to configure your project management information system more easily and share monitoring – management activities to update progress within your project key members login area.

Advanced Analysis

Custom user query based Business Intelligence tools to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. Advanced Analytics walks you through how monitoring data gets collected and processed into readable reports.

Why PMIS ?

Go paperless

PMIS Online modules help evade piles of paperwork by keeping records of all project related data that the organisation requires, execute all the work online and carry out all processes related to Project Monitoring Information System on a single platform.

Constantly improving

Our R & D team is constantly working towards understanding the various requirement, stakeholders and their needs. PMIS modules get updated automatically with cloud-based software and we release notes and documentation on all updates.

Easy tracking with mobile app

Through the mobile app, you can actively monitor Inspection Report with real time GPS tracker and project progress photo. Tracking Physical Progress of each activity, Pending reports, etc, is made easier with the mobile app.

Saves time

There is always a shortage of one precious resource – time. There’s hardly enough time to engage with various projects for easy monitoring, inspire various stakeholders or interact with Project Incharge due to other tasks at hand. So, PMIS helps in saving time without costing a fortune.

State-of-the-art data security

Our Amazon Web Services™-based cloud computing protects the information of students, staff and parents against cyber attack. Our role-based access allows an individual to access information and fields based on their designation, ensuring that the school data is never compromised.

Easy to implement and use

The intuitive responsive user interface of PMIS allows users to learn the operations on their own. Our in-app self-help document familiarises newcomers with the Project Monitoring Information System.

Access data anywhere anytime

All information and data are saved on a cloud-based network and users can access data anywhere and anytime through devices such as mobile phones, tablets and iPads with their personalised usernames and passwords.

Document Management System

Manage project related files for all processes. Secure Document Management System helps users to track and manage files and photo an easier way. Search and download whenever required.

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